How To Use The Captician Stain Cleaning Kit​ For Caps.

You're only a few steps away from a clean and stain free cap. ​

Follow these instructions using The Captician stain removing kit to get the best cap cleaning results.

​Baseball Cap Stain ​Cleaning Steps

​1. Test Co​lour Fastness.

Before you start, test a small amount of the stain remover on each colour of your cap (in an unseen area).

Check for change in colour or texture. If any colour transfers onto the cloth do not continue to use. Don't use on water-sensitive fibres, suede and leather.

Click here for the tutorial.

​ ​ ​

​2. Prepare the Cap Stain Remover.

​​Shake lightly before use.

3.​ Remove Dust ​& Dry Dirt.

Using the premium cap brush, remove any dry dirt or dust. ​Do not brush the stain if wet.

​4. Blot Stain With Dry Cloth.

​​Use The Captician absorbent cloth to blot any wet stains on your cap before ​cleaning. Blot until it no longer transfers onto the cloth.

​5. Use Fine Misting Bottle.

​Fill The Captician fine mister with cool water, apply a light and even coat on the panel you are cleaning​. This will stop water or tide marks appearing during the drying process.

​6. Apply Stain Remover.

​​Lightly spray the stain with the stain remover and sanitiser. Don't over apply. A little goes a long way.

​7. Blot Stain.

​​Work from the outside of the stain towards the centre. Dampen a clean and absorbent cloth with warm water and gently blot and wipe over the stain. Resist the urge to scrub (bad for cap).

​8. Dry & Maintain Shape.

​Caps can shrink when wet, so dry cleaned cap on a mannequin head or stuff with a towel. For faster drying and to avoid water marks, dry the cap with a fan or dryer on a cool setting.

9. Check Results Once Dry.

Stubborn stains may need 2-3 applications over 24 hours.

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