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How to brush a baseball cap - The Captician X Dre 616

This is the first in a series of cap care videos and blogs with the legendary Doug, from the Dre616 YouTube channel. Brushing is an important and quick cap maintenance task that prevents dust, lint, hair and soil particles from building up on your cap. When left on the fabric, they can become ingrained and attract more dirt. Meaning you will have to clean it more often. Brushing your cap after each use and storing it away will keep it looking its best for longer.

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2023 Update: How to Clean a Baseball Cap (The Right Way)

Have you ruined or thrown away caps from D.I.Y methods gone wrong? Even if you've tried and been unsuccessful in the past we got this! I understand your pain. Back in the day, I destroyed countless caps experimenting with stain removal methods. It's why I'm sharing with you all of my previously secret cap cleaning tips

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Cap Cleaning: Expectations vs. Reality

Have you tried cleaning stains from your fitted or snapback caps without success? ​I understand how frustrating removing stubborn stains are. Unfortunately, not every stain can be completely cleaned.I will share with you the most common reasons why your stain won’t budge, what result you can expect and my top stain removal tips to help you beat the odds...

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