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Premium Cap Brush

Premium Cap Brush

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Our Cap Brush is the perfect solution for maintaining your caps. Its pure 100% black hog bristle bristles effectively remove dust, lint, hair, and soil particles from the fabric, preventing them from becoming ingrained and attracting more dirt.

With a gloss hard rubber wood handle, the Cap Brush is easy and comfortable to use, ensuring that your caps stay looking their best for longer.

Simply brush your cap before and after each use to keep it clean and looking its best. 

Regularly brushing your caps keeps them looking their best and increases their longevity.

It's recommended to brush your cap before and after each use, paying particular attention to the sweatband and brim.

The Captician Cap Cleaning Brush Features:

  • Pure 100% Hog Bristle
  • Hard rubber wood handle with a gloss finish
  • Black Bristles
  • Bristles are medium, not too hard or soft.
  • Made in England with high quality materials using traditional brush making techniques.

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