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How to do a colour fastness test on your cap.

Are you making this cap cleaning mistake?

Do you always check the colour fastness of your cap before you clean it?

If not, your caps could be at risk of fading or running whilst cleaning.

This post will show you how to do a quick and easy colour fastness test on your cap,
saving you the heartache of ruining the colour of your cap.

What Is A Colour Fastness Test?

A colour fastness test checks to see if the cleaning product you want to use will cause the colour of the fabric to run or fade.​ ​
It’s important to ALWAYS test each colour BEFORE you start cleaning your cap.

Did You Know...

​Synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon tend to retain the dye better than natural fibres like wool or cotton.

Colour Fast 👍

A fabric that IS colour fast will be unaffected by that cleaning product, so it is safe to start the cleaning process.

Non-Colour Fast 👎

​If a fabric is NON-COLOUR fast, it means the dye isn't properly fixed onto the fibres, causing the colours to run

NOTE: The cleaning solution is not always the culprit if dye transfers during the test. It can happen if the dye was not properly bonded ​to the fibres during manufacturing. Sometimes plain water can have an affect.

Colour Fastness Test Instructions.

What you will need:​
- A clean white cloth​.​​
- Stain removal/cleaning ​Solution.

1. Find an unseen area to test.

Find a place that isn’t easily seen ( just incase the ​colour is affected, you wont be left with a visibly faded patch). I like to use a section of fabric on the inside of the cap by the head band.

Remember, if your cap has multiple coloured fabrics you MUST test each colour.

​2. ​Apply solution to cloth.

Once you have ​a hidden test area, apply a small amount of the cleaning solution to the cloth. ​​Firmly​ press the cloth for at least 20 seconds.

3. ​Look for dye transfer.

Check to see if any colour has transferred onto the cloth. If you ​do, ​it's non-colourfast, ​using that product ​could cause damage to the colour. Do not continue. ​However, don't give up right away, try using a different stain remover/cleaning solution.

4. ​Dry and check results

Allow the test area to dry. Check ​for any changes in the colour and texture. If it's all clear then you are good to start restoring your cap back to life!

​​​​​​​Yes, it's that easy! Now you can continue to clean your caps without worrying it will fade. ​Happy cleaning.

Click here for the full stain removal tutorial.
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