Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

The Captician Stain Removal Spray

Are you tired of throwing away your dirty caps in the bin?

Easily keep your baseball caps looking their best with The Captician's stain removal spray.

You no longer have to sacrifice your cap to the washing machine or risk ruining it with rough scrubbing-based products.

The Captician's stain remover is specially designed for caps to clean oil and water-based stains without damaging the colour, shape or fabric. So you can keep your collection stain-free and ready to wear.

The Captician Stain Remover - 125ml

No need to pre-soak or rinse. Cleans water and oil-based stains easily and restores your New Era, snapback and other baseball caps without colour or shape damage.

Safe to use on your entire cap collection: The Captician stain remover is will clean wool, cotton, polyester, canvas and more. Not recommended for use on leather, suede or water-sensitive fabrics.

Clean at least 25 caps! (One average application – spot cleaning two stains plus deep cleaning of the sweatband).

For the best results use it alongside The Captician Fine Misting Spray Bottle. This will help to prevent water marks from appearing on your cap once dry.


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