Complete Cap Stain Cleaning Kit

Searching for how to clean your baseball caps? Now you can keep them fresh with the ultimate cap cleaning and stain removal kit.


1x 125ml The Captician Stain Remover - No need pre-soak or rinse. Our premium cap cleaning stain remover is safe to use on all non-water sensitive fabrics: wool, cotton, polyester, canvas and more. Not recommended for use on leather or suede. Clean at least 25 caps! ( One average application – spot cleaning two stains plus deep cleaning of the sweatband).

1x Fine misting bottle – Now you can clean individual stains without soaking the whole cap. Spot clean your cap without leaving behind water/tide marks. 

2x Premium Cloths – Durable and absorbent. Made from 100% unbleached organic cotton.

1x Premium Cap Brush – Tough on dust, gentle on caps. Made in the UK using traditional brush making techniques.

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